About Us

Aria Niroo Gohar is one of the largest Iranian companies in designing and installing solar systems and producing low-power LED bulbs.
Established in 2010.
Owning technical know-how in the field of the implementation, production and design of solar and industrial and domestic low-power systems with output power of 5, 10, 15, 1, and 2 megawatt are unique features of this company and has a team of expertise in design and implementation of power systems Is solar This company is also the main owner of Shabakkar Desert Company
activities :
Installation of more than 17 power plants of 50 kW
Installation and installation of more than 15 power plants of 20 kilowatts
Installation and commissioning of more than 100 power plants of 5 kW

Examples of projects carried out by this company are:
1 project to provide lighting for Yazd Municipality parks of 550 light bulbs
2 Electricity to a number of chicken and ostrich farms with a nominal capacity of 4 kW and above
3 Installation of high-power systems in Tehran's Revolutionary Guards